DeepGreen Threads

DeepGreen Threads is a knitting business that provides work for women in our community who have suffered injustice. Their desire is to see these women empowered to grow professionally, personally and spiritually.

Working with Jon & Elissa of DeepGreen was a huge honor. Their hears are amazing, and their products are beautiful. We worked together to create their visual identity for everything from the logo & business cards, to their website, product photography, catalog & brochures. Below are some of my favorites from our multi-location, multi-day photoshoot.

We found an abandoned block of apartment buildings in the northern area of Kunming and just wandered, finding the perfect spot for each scarf. In Kunming, much of the older parts of the city are being torn down to build brand new 30+ story apartments. This leaves the people who have lived in the older, more affordable parts of the city, relatively homeless. In this apartment block, the apartments have all been gutted, But people are still living in the more habitable areas. By next year, all of these locations will have been demolished.

DeepGreen cowl & hats make perfect Christmas presents, so visit their website today and order some for you and your family.

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