Family in a Chinese Alley

This beautiful family with 7 of their own children and three foster children are doing amazing work in Asia, and raising a large and wonderful family at the same time. Every time I am around them, I feel so encouraged. So when they asked me to take their photos in their “backyard”, a Chinese alleyway, I was very excited. Here are just a few of my favorite shots of this day.

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Portrait – Ben & Wing

Ben is my amazing web builder. If you need a quality site, and like the style of my site┬ácontact Ben at I was honored to take him and his beautiful wife’s portraits.We had a blast wandering around their apartment complex, an old burnt building in the art district of Kunming, and other random locations we happened upon. It was a great day. Thanks Ben, for all your hard work on my website and blog!

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Old China

I love a bit of old China. I was honored to do a photo shoot in old China this last weekend. It was a wonderful shoot with 10 children and two adults. This image was captured along the way. We had a crowd of about 30 people, following us around as this foreign family had their photos taken. Such a memorable and fun shoot.