My first wedding in New Zealand

My first wedding in New Zealand was on the beautiful Waiheke Island, known for it’s many vineyards. It had been a bit cloudy the few days before the wedding, but the sun came out in full force for the wedding. Despite the heat, the bride and groom were gracious and so much fun. An incredibly classy and memorable wedding.

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Chinese Park

This lovely young family was a joy to shoot. The children were incredible and just loved to have their photos taken. We wandered around a Chinese park, avoiding garbage and other unmentionables and finding beautiful locations.

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A Beautiful Country Wedding

One of my favorite weddings in New Zealand was in the countryside an hour south of Auckland. We were surrounded by sheep, caves with glowworms, limestone cliffs, beautiful hills and warm people. The couple wanted a more photo-journalistic style (where the photographer shoots the day as it happens, without dictating the poses as much). I naturally gravitate more towards that style of photography because I often see the real beauty of people when they think no one is looking, so this was right up my alley. Here are a few of my favorite images from the beautiful couple’s wedding day.

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Youth Conference Workshops

The weekend I got back from my photography internship in New Zealand, I led two workshops at the Youth Retreat in Kunming. We chatted about lighting, shapes, catching the moment & how to worship God using photography. Then went out and took photos. The youth took some amazing photos and I felt so lucky to be a part of Permeate. Thanks guys for making it so much fun.

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